Saturday, July 24, 2010

ATTN: my new Followers from Swap-Bot!

I want to say THANK YOU for now following me :). I have been waiting til I get some followers to start posting links to free patterns and all that.... I want to maybe host a CAL at some point. I do a lot of crafts and I post about them here. Anyway, please- if you are going to comment on my blog to let me know you are from the Swap-Bot blogger swap, please do so on THIS post so I can keep track and properly rate. I will edit this post to provide links to the blogs of my partners. I hope they take this into consideration and properly rate me, as well :).

Blogs I follow from the Blogger swap:


OK! So that's all my partners. I hope everyone checks out these blogs... some FANTASTIC blogs! I am amazed by the vast differences (and even similarities!) in the lives of all these people! It was really neat reading through blogs that I most likely never would have found had it not been for the swap.
And to my new followers, again: Welcome to my Blog!


Anonymous said...

wow, YOU are organized!! I am one of your swap-bot friends, and I am reading your blog. Never thought of listing all ten...

Jenny Lou Who said...

I'm loving your baby. So adorable.

--Jenny712 from the swap

Raye said...

Okay, I am in love with your blog. It's so neat and orderly. I wish my brain had this much organization. Neat idea about listing the blogs, too. I am going to steal the idea for my blog. I'll credit and link. ^_^

Anonymous said...

The picture of you three is adorable!

It's amazing how many lives can be so similar and we'd never know it. I love how this swap is bringing us all new friends to chat with :-)

Dani aka Doodlebabe from swap-bot.

angela said...

Your baby is so sweet! And, I have never made a ATC but your ninja one is HIL-ARIOUS! :D

Angela H from Swap-bot (

memtree said...

beautiful baby!

- memtree (swap-bot)

Sunny said...

Thank you everyone! LOL, I never thought of my blog as organized! :) My baby is now 3! I'll post a "now" picture of him sometime.

This Young Mama said...

You have a great blog, I look forward to reading more :) and seeing an updated baby picture ;)

Crystal(holalola) from swap-bot

I have a post with a link to your blog here:

JudahsMommy said...

I am from swap-bot and I am following you now :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice blog. Can't wait to see the patterns you are going to post. I love getting new patterns. Granted, I have a collection much too large to ever finish, but still. :D

Also, looking forward to the new "baby" pics. I saw the baby in the photo, then read that he was playing with the PS3 and realized that the photo must be a bit old. Either that, or you have a very advanced baby. :)

--BrandiAM (swapbot)

P.S. @ThisYoungMama the link you wrote down is actually a link to my blog. Oops!