Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slow here on the blog....

So... I haven't been on the blog much. Christmas crafting took a lot of my time. Plus there were some swaps I signed up for that had to be done. There were Christmas concerts as well. Oh, plus we just had 2 concerts this week as well. It was awesome- we joined up with the jazz band for an orchestral-jazz mix-up and it was quite a success! We have to play it AGAIN in a few weeks for the jazz band's concerts on top of practicing for our own March concert! Needless to say, I've been busy. I've been trying to keep positive, but I keep getting pulled lower and lower. Im unhappy in the orchestra due to recent events. I try to go with the flow because I dont want to sound like a petulant little girl, but I am just angry at how I've been treated. I was told one thing and then something COMPLETELY different happened. Now I have to grin through my teeth and act like I accept it. Oh well, such is life. Anyway, I'm on twitter a lot more now. I also recently discovered tumblr, which I highly enjoy, although I don't completely understand how it works. I've been watching a lot of Netflix. I watch Destination Truth and Ghost Adventures a lot... I'm just re-watching things since I've watched all the episodes and seasons that Netflix offers. I watched all the Psych seasons they have available as well. I just started watching Dexter (1st season) and I LOVE it already :). I haven't been working on too many crafts. I got into a slump because I don't have a lot of supplies to make these things as awesome as other people are making them. So, I got kinda disgusted with myself and my options. I took a little break from crocheting, only picking it up to complete squares for my 2 square swap groups. I have SO many things I want to make, it's crazy. I really want to revisit the music bag. But I failed so badly at it before Im scared away for awhile longer. I want to try a music blanket as well. I would like to make a Destination Truth blanket/pillow and a Ghost Adventures one as well :D. A new craft I am going to attempt soon is freezer paper stenciling. I have fabric paint and a black hoodie. I plan on doing something Nightmare Before Christmas for that.
OK well I think I've rambled on for far too long now. My thoughts are very disorganized right now.... so I'll just say goodnight for now :).