Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's like Christmas in July!

I got SO much stuff from such wonderful strangers this month.... I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness that others would be so kind. I received a package of tiny little balls of roving each in a different color so I can use it to practice spinning. I also received a big thing of.. corriedale wool, I believe? It's undyed but the wonderful sender also sent some dye tablets so I can try dyeing, too. I asked on the Ravelry RAK group if anyone had any Lion Brand Homespun they don't want and I received 3 balls from a generous person. It is called "disco" and I really love the color :D. It's purple-turquoise-black. It's really cool! It's discontinued, from what I can find online. Too bad, because it's really neat! I'm going to use it to make a shawl or something similar for my father-in-law's lady friend, who is just the sweetest lady ever. They live in Cleveland, so I want to make something she can wear to keep her warm. I'm also thinking of making my mother-in-law something, for her upcoming birthday, with the parfait colorway of Homespun. But I dunno what to make as we live in Florida....
I did my first ever ATC swap. I sent mine out yesterday. Oh that reminds me, I have to upload a pic of the Ninja ATC. I received a pirate and a ninja ATC back... funnily enough, the person I got them from lives in Vero Beach which isn't that far from me AT ALL! I'll try to take pics and upload them asap. I'm pretty bad at the pic uploading thing. Takes me forever to get them on Facebook lol.
I'm going to find my camera and upload the pic of the Ninja ATC I made. :) That will be a separate post though. I'm done with this one for now!

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