Saturday, July 17, 2010

This movie was AWESOME!!! I highly recommend it! Nic Cage was fantastic in his role. I love Jay Baruchel as the reluctant hero/nerd. He was "Hiccup" in How To Train Your Dragon, one of my other favorite movies of this year. Anyway- GREAT movie... GO SEE IT! :D

Now the rest of my day.. I dunno what to do... I guess I'll get some dishes done. I hate having to hand-wash the dishes. But, the landlord won't fix our dishwasher. Oh well, we'll probably be moving. I don't think we'll be renewing our lease. Lease ends sometime in August or September... yeah, I know! That soon!

I gotta do some laundry as well. Dadoren had an accident last night. His first pee accident in a LONG time. But, I think that it's my fault. I should have woken him up when we got home last night and made him go. But I didn't think about it.

I am hoping to get some crochet time in today. It's been a few days and that's precious work time. I have a lot on my plate for crochet work and I need to continue on it!

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~TrainMama~ said...

I had questions about this movie. Glad you did a review about it :) Thanks for joining my swap!