Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Oh beautiful... for spacious skies.... for amber waves of grain!
Happy Birthday, America! I am still proud to call myself an American. No greater place to be! The land of opportunities! Wellll... not so much in this economy now, but you get the idea.
My day today has been fairly dull. Well, I got a "new" coffee table. Someone on was offering it and I got it! For only $10, too. It needs to be sanded and re-painted.... I might try to do something very creative with it though. I have thought about decoupage, but I don't want it to look tacky. I have seen some AMAZING decoupaged furniture and I want to do something AMAZING. :)
Then.. I braved Wal-Mart... on a Sunday... on a HOLIDAY! Didn't take me too terribly long though. I needed to get stuff for my husband Randy's birthday tomorrow. I am making him a root beer cake! ^_^ He's been really guzzling down root beer lately, so I thought it'd be perfect!
Now I just need to crank out some housework... there is just PILES of crap everywhere. Not that the 3 year old helps any.... well, he tries to help clean, but he doesn't like the idea that his toys need to stay IN his room ;). I don't want to go outside to lug the trash out to the dumpster.... we live in an apartment/condo and while our dumpster isn't TOO far, it's still is not fun to walk there holding trash in 85 degree weather! And it looks like rain, too.
Oh and I promised to blog about some crochet stuff.... hmm well Im working on a granny square baby blanket. It looks really pretty so far. I'm almost done with it. Other than that.... I think I want to post links to free patterns. I find SO many patterns! I wish I had some blog followers so I could post a poll to see what kinds of patterns people would be interested in seeing right now.... oh well. I am pretty much writing to myself right now since I have no followers LOL!
Ok I am done for now... like I said, gotta get some housework done. Bye!

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