Friday, July 23, 2010

Late night post.....

So, my son woke up around 1 am and is definitely NOT going back to bed.. yayyyy. Oh well. I guess I will continue to work on some crochet. I was working on a baby blanket and took a break from it; right when I was about to pick it back up, my son woke up, lol. So, we played around for a bit. Now, he is sitting behind me playing Fat Princess on the ps3. I'm writing this and debating on if I should go work on some crochet.... and if I do, what to work on? I have quite a few WIPs. I want them all to be done. But, I have some SERIOUS crochet ADD! I start one project, see another pretty project and start that, etc and so on! I gotta finish something here! I seem to only finish things when I have a deadline. Plus, there's my Christmas list to think of. I want to make the MAJORITY of gifts given this year. I have a somewhat idea of what to do for the females on my list.... the guys though, that's another thing.
Later today will be busy. We're going to my friend's son's 3rd bday party at 1pm. My mother-in-law's bday party is apparently today as well, although my question on "what time?" was never answered... and I am going to make a trip to the hospital to visit my friend who just had a baby boy the other day. I was making the baby blanket hat I'm currently working on for her son, but it's taking a super long time and I'm nowhere near being finished. I dunno what to do with it. I *love* it though. It's very soft and it's a nice color. I guess I could attempt to sell it.
Oh, and on a random note: I made fudge earlier :). My first time making it! I had this box in my pantry for awhile and just decided to finally make it. I'm not really a fan of fudge, but it's OK in small quantities... meaning I need someone to eat that fudge, LOL. It tastes good, though. I sliced it up and added it to french vanilla ice cream and it was really tasty that way.

Ok, I think this is where I shall stop... gonna go in the living room and do... something! I might just watch TV... we'll see! Anyway, good night!


Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, I have a crochet project sitting on my table right now glaring at me for not finishing it. My excuse? I hate putting safety eyes on! Normally it takes about 20 minutes but one eye alone this time around has taken me 45 minutes and I still can't get the darn thing on. So it is sitting I contemplate starting a different project. I have a baby blanket to finish too. Never mind the fact that the "baby" it was intended for is now two years old. And I haven't even THOUGHT of Christmas yet. Ack!!!

Dani (Doodlebabe)

Sunny said...

Yeah... when I first stated out, I went through quite a few safety eyes because they were REALLY easy to push together! But they do NOT come apart at all. So, a lot of work tossed out, and eyes wasted.... I have an owl ami that I never finished. It will be my first ami, other than Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas... which I dunno if it counts as an ami as the majority of it was flat and un-stuffed.

Rachel! said...

I like crocheting too! :) And I always see the cutest things and I want to start, and I always take forever to finish. I saw a Totoro doll that was crocheted. o_o So great. Also, your picture on your title is hilarious. :) Priceless.


PS: My blog so you can take a peek. ;)

Wendy and Stacey said...

oh, christmas?! please don't worry me so early in the year ;) crochet is the best way to keep the hands and mind busy!
Stacey, Last Minute Bride
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