Saturday, July 24, 2010

ATTN: my new Followers from Swap-Bot!

I want to say THANK YOU for now following me :). I have been waiting til I get some followers to start posting links to free patterns and all that.... I want to maybe host a CAL at some point. I do a lot of crafts and I post about them here. Anyway, please- if you are going to comment on my blog to let me know you are from the Swap-Bot blogger swap, please do so on THIS post so I can keep track and properly rate. I will edit this post to provide links to the blogs of my partners. I hope they take this into consideration and properly rate me, as well :).

Blogs I follow from the Blogger swap:


OK! So that's all my partners. I hope everyone checks out these blogs... some FANTASTIC blogs! I am amazed by the vast differences (and even similarities!) in the lives of all these people! It was really neat reading through blogs that I most likely never would have found had it not been for the swap.
And to my new followers, again: Welcome to my Blog!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Late night post.....

So, my son woke up around 1 am and is definitely NOT going back to bed.. yayyyy. Oh well. I guess I will continue to work on some crochet. I was working on a baby blanket and took a break from it; right when I was about to pick it back up, my son woke up, lol. So, we played around for a bit. Now, he is sitting behind me playing Fat Princess on the ps3. I'm writing this and debating on if I should go work on some crochet.... and if I do, what to work on? I have quite a few WIPs. I want them all to be done. But, I have some SERIOUS crochet ADD! I start one project, see another pretty project and start that, etc and so on! I gotta finish something here! I seem to only finish things when I have a deadline. Plus, there's my Christmas list to think of. I want to make the MAJORITY of gifts given this year. I have a somewhat idea of what to do for the females on my list.... the guys though, that's another thing.
Later today will be busy. We're going to my friend's son's 3rd bday party at 1pm. My mother-in-law's bday party is apparently today as well, although my question on "what time?" was never answered... and I am going to make a trip to the hospital to visit my friend who just had a baby boy the other day. I was making the baby blanket hat I'm currently working on for her son, but it's taking a super long time and I'm nowhere near being finished. I dunno what to do with it. I *love* it though. It's very soft and it's a nice color. I guess I could attempt to sell it.
Oh, and on a random note: I made fudge earlier :). My first time making it! I had this box in my pantry for awhile and just decided to finally make it. I'm not really a fan of fudge, but it's OK in small quantities... meaning I need someone to eat that fudge, LOL. It tastes good, though. I sliced it up and added it to french vanilla ice cream and it was really tasty that way.

Ok, I think this is where I shall stop... gonna go in the living room and do... something! I might just watch TV... we'll see! Anyway, good night!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The van problems.....

... are somewhat demystified! I took the van in to be looked over today and found out a belt is shot and that's what is causing the squealing sound. We were out of power steering fluid which was causing the whining and problems with turning when we started the car in the mornings. Also, the guy plugged some gauge thing up to a tube which I guess has something to do with the a/c and it did a quick test and showed that there is a "mechanical error" with the a/c. So.... I dunno what we can do about that.
In crochet news, I continued work on the newsboy cap I started on a few days ago... but I'm not liking it so far. The picture shows it being snug and rounded on the lady's head. Mine looks flat on the top, like a beret, and it is bulky and almost like a ruffled or pleated effect in areas. Not sure what I did wrong... but it's disheartening as I really liked the look of it and I *really* wanted a newsboy hat! Oh well. I gotta chug out a few quickie gifts over the next few days. Hopefully I'll get them done in time... we'll see.
Well, taking my son to go see a free kid movie tomorrow morning. I think it's Planet 51. I don't really care to see it, but it's free and *might* entertain him. I have errands to run after that (post office, AutoZone) and then hopefully coming back home to clean up the mess from my brother being here and then getting some crochet started.
Ok... that's all for now... Over and out!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

This movie was AWESOME!!! I highly recommend it! Nic Cage was fantastic in his role. I love Jay Baruchel as the reluctant hero/nerd. He was "Hiccup" in How To Train Your Dragon, one of my other favorite movies of this year. Anyway- GREAT movie... GO SEE IT! :D

Now the rest of my day.. I dunno what to do... I guess I'll get some dishes done. I hate having to hand-wash the dishes. But, the landlord won't fix our dishwasher. Oh well, we'll probably be moving. I don't think we'll be renewing our lease. Lease ends sometime in August or September... yeah, I know! That soon!

I gotta do some laundry as well. Dadoren had an accident last night. His first pee accident in a LONG time. But, I think that it's my fault. I should have woken him up when we got home last night and made him go. But I didn't think about it.

I am hoping to get some crochet time in today. It's been a few days and that's precious work time. I have a lot on my plate for crochet work and I need to continue on it!

Haven't done much crafts....

Other than weaving the ends in on the granny square baby blanket and on the 2 squares I made for swaps, I haven't done much crafts or crocheting. I want to work on my son's Spidey'ghan and I want to work on a newsboy cap for myself. I also have an American Flag afghan that's a WIP for my cousin. A photographer friend of mine asked me if I would make baby items for photo props, but we have yet to get together to work out the details. But, I'm excited about that... I might get to work with mohair yarn, which I have *NEVER* worked with yet!!
Well this is going to be a really short post. We're getting ready to go The Sorcerer's Apprentice. If we see a movie before 12noon, the tickets will only be $4 each. So all 3 of us are going :). Hopefully the movie will be as good as it looks... poor Nic Cage has had bad luck lately!!

Oh and I want to say thank you very much to my newest follower Judahsmommy... I followed your blog back at I see you're from the Swap-Bot blogger swap. Well, welcome!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New "swap" on Swap-Bot

I just joined a new "swap" on Swap-Bot. I put the word swap in "" because we aren't really swapping anything. The whole point of this is to gain more Blog followers! Yay!! We'll get assigned 10 blogs to look at and follow. I think it's great! I'll have followers soon!
Swap-bot swap: I’M A BLOGGER, FOLLOW ME!!!
I swap with Swap-bot!

*As a note to my future blog followers, WELCOME! I'm so glad to have you here. Please share my blog with others! I will really get my page rolling once I have followers. I plan on doing a free pattern of the week and maybe even hosting a CAL at some point. Thank you again for following my blog!*

As promised...

The Ninja ATC I made for a Swap-Bot ATC swap. This went with the Pirate ATC I posted about previously. This and the Pirate card were my first ATCs and I'm very proud of them :).

It's like Christmas in July!

I got SO much stuff from such wonderful strangers this month.... I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness that others would be so kind. I received a package of tiny little balls of roving each in a different color so I can use it to practice spinning. I also received a big thing of.. corriedale wool, I believe? It's undyed but the wonderful sender also sent some dye tablets so I can try dyeing, too. I asked on the Ravelry RAK group if anyone had any Lion Brand Homespun they don't want and I received 3 balls from a generous person. It is called "disco" and I really love the color :D. It's purple-turquoise-black. It's really cool! It's discontinued, from what I can find online. Too bad, because it's really neat! I'm going to use it to make a shawl or something similar for my father-in-law's lady friend, who is just the sweetest lady ever. They live in Cleveland, so I want to make something she can wear to keep her warm. I'm also thinking of making my mother-in-law something, for her upcoming birthday, with the parfait colorway of Homespun. But I dunno what to make as we live in Florida....
I did my first ever ATC swap. I sent mine out yesterday. Oh that reminds me, I have to upload a pic of the Ninja ATC. I received a pirate and a ninja ATC back... funnily enough, the person I got them from lives in Vero Beach which isn't that far from me AT ALL! I'll try to take pics and upload them asap. I'm pretty bad at the pic uploading thing. Takes me forever to get them on Facebook lol.
I'm going to find my camera and upload the pic of the Ninja ATC I made. :) That will be a separate post though. I'm done with this one for now!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pretty happy

I completed my first ever ATC! For those who do not know, an ATC is an Artist Trading Card. It's basically a small work of art (can be anything, collage, a simple picture, a word, etc).... they are the size of baseball cards, which is where the idea originated.
Anyway, I joined a swap on Swap-Bot for a Pirate vs. Ninja ATC swap. The idea is to creat one Ninja themed ATC and one Pirate themed ATC. I made the Pirate one first and it came out AWESOME! I found the little compass in the scrapbook sticker section at JoAnns. It was The "O" in the word Boston. It was a 7 piece set and I took the ship from there, too. The island is named Teach Isle.... named for Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard :). I had a lot of fun planning this out... and even MORE fun making this! I have to make a ninja one now... My printer is out of black ink though so I'll have to see if my mom's printer works when we head over there today. We're doing a late celebration with them for Randy's birthday (which was the 5th). I made a cake and I need to frost it before we go over there. Anyway, that's gonna be it for now!

Swap-bot swap: Pirate Vs. Ninja ATC
I swap with Swap-bot!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What I am working on....

I'm working on a small granny square baby blanket. It's 4 squares by 4 squares... so not very big. I just finished assembling the squares and now I'm gonna do a double-crochet border of white, followed by a half-double-crochet border of the pink variegated color I used in the squares, followed by a single crochet border in white again. It should look very pretty when completed! I'll try to remember to post a pic when done. This is all I'm posting for now... I want to get this blanket done.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good Stuff!

Today was a good day. My brother and I took my son to see Tale of Despereaux for free today. I love that movie; it's just a feel-good family movie that's really cute. After that we went to Downtown Melbourne to a book shop and a thrift store.... I'm trying to find anything that can be used to make an ATC (artist trading card). Yeah... I've decided to delve into THAT now :D. It looks like So much fun, though! Have you ever seen one? It's a small piece of art. It can be anything at all. It's up to the person making it! Anyway, I am a member of and I see ATC swaps all the time and I have really wanted to join one. I got my very first ATC card in my very first swap-bot swap (Newbie swap #4). Anyway... so while browsing swaps on the site today, I saw a Pirate vs Ninja ATC swap! So I knew I had to join. And, I did. So now I have to create my very first ATC cards. One is Ninja themed and the other is Pirate themed :D. I dunno though... sometimes I wish I lived in a big city... I browsed lots of things and didn't find anything that looked like it would do well on an ATC. I can never find vintage or cool ephemera either.
Anyway, I got some stuff though... a few Rolling stones magazines... National Geographic.. some decks of cards to create the ATCs...
Oh and I got a box of fiber so I can learn how to spin it into yarn! I would like to give a shout-out (that my millions of followers will hear right lol) to for the awesome bits of fiber! Now I have plenty of little bits to mess around with while trying to get the hang of spinning.
I'm still debating on posting a free crochet pattern of the day/week. I would like to get some followers before I start posting so I know what people would like to see.... otherwise I;m just gonna post things I like, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Alright well I'm going to watch Ghost Hunters and finish working on a baby blanket I've been working on lately. Bye!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Oh beautiful... for spacious skies.... for amber waves of grain!
Happy Birthday, America! I am still proud to call myself an American. No greater place to be! The land of opportunities! Wellll... not so much in this economy now, but you get the idea.
My day today has been fairly dull. Well, I got a "new" coffee table. Someone on was offering it and I got it! For only $10, too. It needs to be sanded and re-painted.... I might try to do something very creative with it though. I have thought about decoupage, but I don't want it to look tacky. I have seen some AMAZING decoupaged furniture and I want to do something AMAZING. :)
Then.. I braved Wal-Mart... on a Sunday... on a HOLIDAY! Didn't take me too terribly long though. I needed to get stuff for my husband Randy's birthday tomorrow. I am making him a root beer cake! ^_^ He's been really guzzling down root beer lately, so I thought it'd be perfect!
Now I just need to crank out some housework... there is just PILES of crap everywhere. Not that the 3 year old helps any.... well, he tries to help clean, but he doesn't like the idea that his toys need to stay IN his room ;). I don't want to go outside to lug the trash out to the dumpster.... we live in an apartment/condo and while our dumpster isn't TOO far, it's still is not fun to walk there holding trash in 85 degree weather! And it looks like rain, too.
Oh and I promised to blog about some crochet stuff.... hmm well Im working on a granny square baby blanket. It looks really pretty so far. I'm almost done with it. Other than that.... I think I want to post links to free patterns. I find SO many patterns! I wish I had some blog followers so I could post a poll to see what kinds of patterns people would be interested in seeing right now.... oh well. I am pretty much writing to myself right now since I have no followers LOL!
Ok I am done for now... like I said, gotta get some housework done. Bye!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm really bad about this...

So my last post was February! OMG I am so bad about having a blog. But I keep reading all these awesome little blogs and I really want to keep up with one of my own. I doubt anyone will even read it though..... oh well- who knows, right?
So... we're watching Kolchak right now. Randy got a whole season or something... so yep... Kolchak all night long, baby! He says I have to watch it with him cuz he watches whenever I put on The Big Bang Theory for hours on end.... what can I say, it's my favorite show!
We had a long day today. We stopped off at the post office so I could mail off a letter to my swap partner... nothing fancy, just a 63 questionnaire... I think I was supposed to write more than I did... I only answered each question with a sentence or 2.
Anyway, after that, we went to a friend's garage sale and got some cool stuff. I got a brand-new book called "Dragon Rider". Looks interesting and I can't wait to start reading it. I got a puzzle and a book for my son about dinosaurs... a little toy boat for him to play with in the bath and a big world map. Oh and I got a Reptar toy! Reptar is the dino from the 90's cartoon Rugrats... I *love* Reptar! I think that's all we got....
After that we stopped to eat at Steak-n-Shake. We love that place. Low prices, decent food. Plus we got coupons in the mail. My favorite is the chicken melt.. Randy loves the Frisco melt... oh and FYI- the koolaid milkshakes they have there now are REALLY weird tasting!
I needed to go to Target to pick up a birthday card for Randy (bday is this Monday). Target's card selection is GREAT! I was very disappointed by Walmart's selection. Anyway, we went there and I got the card. Randy, Dadoren and I walked around and we picked up some stuff... we went to the register, got in line... cashier is taking care of the people in front of us and all of a sudden they move to the next register- the cashier and the people! No explanation why, so we just stayed at the register; the store was PACKED with long lines and we were NEXT in this line so we didn't want to move, right? Anyway, the cashier just starts taking people at the register she moved to! Again, no explanation to us or anything. So... I am going to call Target up and talk to a manager. I hate doing that sort of thing, but this made both of us so mad we left all our items on the belt and just left.
I need to go to Big Lots to pick up some stuff, so I'm going to leave off for now. I am going to post again tonight when I get back... I have more to write about... I want to talk about my crochet projects and stuff like that. Alright, bye for now!