Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flaked on

So, of course I'm a member of the fantastic website, Swap-Bot. I join a few swaps here and there, so I don't get in over my head. I enjoy participating in swaps, and I put effort, thought, time and money into the swaps I make! So far, I hadn't been flaked on. Well- today I had to rate my very first 1, the lowest rating possible. It made me very angry, and sad. It was for the Song Lyric Journal swap, something I was really excited about! I chose the songs I filled my journal very carefully. Each song meant something and I explained it. I talked about things in my life. All of my hard work (I still don't know if the person received it...)... and I get absolutely nothing. AND- I find out that the host was informed of this person's flaking ahead of time. They should not have been allowed into this swap.
So, I'm just kinda sad... I had to rate my first 1 and it's not a pleasant feeling!


Jessica said...

I LOVE Swap-Bot and I hate when people flake or don't put time and effort into what they send. Sorry that this happend to you.

I love your blog and thanks so much for commenting on mine. I really enjoy paper crafts I met some really great ladies through a scrapbooking group local in my town.

Meep said...

Oh, that's so sad! Im sorry that happened to you! So on the carving, it's actually simple if you have the right stuff. The Speedball carver is really nice, they make one that have all the different heads in the handle for about 7 bucks through Dick Blick. I use erasers for a base, I plan on getting some better medium to carve out of once I get a little better.