Thursday, October 28, 2010

Looking forward to the weekend!

This weekend is going to be busy!!! Tomorrow, I'm taking my son to IHOP to get a free pancake :). I love IHOP..... my Dad runs our local one.. I used to work there (ugh lol). But I still enjoy going in and getting some good food. After that, we're going to go see Marco Rubio!!! He'll be in our area completing his last bus tour. I'm looking forward to it. Later that night- the mall's trick or treating! My son is going as Captain America...... he looks SO cute in his little costume. Saturday, we have to carve our pumpkins, finally! We got them tonight and didn't have time to carve them. That night we'll be going to the zoo for "Boo at the Zoo". It's a fun event that we've taken our son to every year. Sunday, we're not sure yet. The mall is where we usually take the kiddo, but the event is tomorrow. We'll try walking him around a few houses and to see friends and family of course.
I finished my first ever chunky page. I'm in this group on Swap-Bot called The Darkness. Someone hosted a chunky page swap that's going to last several months... enough pages to create a chunky book, I guess. It's my first time and I'm loving it so far... can't wait to send my page out... and get one as well! The first page's theme was "Nightmares" .... so I went all out with spider stuff. Spiders is more of a fear, I know... but I have had spider nightmares, so it doesn't matter. I chose to do it this way and I LIKE it! The next theme is "Nightmare Before Christmas" ... that happens to be one of my FAVORITE movies of all time! I sure hope I can do a good job on this. I am participating in another Blogger swap (hi, new followers!!!) and also doing an ATC swap... the theme is REALLY cool: Stephen King's The Shining!!! I already have my inspiration for it. Hopefully it works.
Oh I forgot- I'm making a Captain America shield for my son to carry around with him. I looked everywhere for a kid sized shield and nothing! None of the costumes came with one either. So, I get to put my craftiness to work for my little boy. Crossing my fingers that I succeed and it doesn't look lame!!!

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