Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kiwi's Blogger Follower Swap #2

I have joined another Blog Follower "swap" on the awesome site Swap-Bot. This is my post for my new followers to comment on. So, to my new followers from the swap... ~* Welcome!!! *~ I'm happy to have you here. Feel free to browse around :). Don't forget to leave your comments!


Meep said...

WOW, I hate moving, but doing it with a little one would be so yucky! It's Kiwivandal from swap-bot following and checking things out! You need some pics girly! Great stories though :) Keep it up I will be stopping by...

Jessica said...

I'm here from BLOGGER Followers #2
on swap-bot.


Infinitely Autumn said...

Hello! This is InfintelyAutumn From blog-swaps Blogger #2 followers.

I'm not your assigned partner, but I figured I would stop by anyways! =]

Bob said...

hey, my name is Bob for the kiwi's swap. I really like your blog. I have a friend thats doing the knitting square swap also she is loving it! Thanks for joining the swap and sharing your blog with us.

Bob Striks

Nic said...

Hi! Cool blog, your baby is adorable :)