Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So what's new, you ask?

Well- we moved. It was chaos, of course. It seems that no matter how hard I try to make our moving times a smooth time, it ALWAYS turns into chaos. Our landlord turned out to be a scumbag- he withheld $170 of our deposit from us.... so that REALLY sucked.
We're adjusting to life as it is now. I really look forward to orchestra practice now. It is SO much more of a "me" time than it used to be. We are always around someone at the house and it's nice to just get away sometimes.
I haven't done much crocheting. I had 2 squares to do for my square group swaps on Ravelry. I had to make one 6" and one 12" square. The 12" was interesting because it had to be done in bulky yarn. So, I used Lion Brand's Homespun. It was my first time crocheting with it, and took a few tries to get used to it. I am going to be making a few shawls with Homespun, so I hope I won't have any future problems!
I completed the song Lyric Journal. It was a decent attempt at it. I *know* I could have done better, but with the moving date so close to the due date, I didn't put 100% into it. But, it wasn't horrible by any means. I just didn't get to decorate it as much as I wanted to. I haven't heard from the person who was supposed to receive it if they got it or not. And, apparently I won't be getting one... the person supposed to send to me hasn't logged into Swap-Bot since August 18.... a few days before the sign-up closing date for the swap. I'm pretty pissed about it... it's my first time being flaked on!
I joined a new group on Swap-Bot, called The Darkness. It is a great group! I'm going to be making a page for what's called a "chunky book". Look them up- they are pretty cool! The theme for the first page is "nightmares". Should be interesting! In that group, I also signed up on a Stephen King's The shining ATC swap. Also going to be interesting!!!
That's all I can think of for now.... hope everyone is doing good!


Grand Defiance said...

The orchestra comment makes NO sense. You have a 3 year old, so, you were "always around someone at the house" before, and you're going to practice with an entire ORCHESTRA of people, so you're "always around someone" there too.

Sunny said...

Your point being what? I get to get out of the house, and away from family that I see all day, every day. "Me time" doesn't mean I'm holed up somewhere shut off from the world. "Me time" is doing something for ME that I love and not being interrupted by my son, or anyone else. Orchestra practice is a wonderful little bit of me time, where I can just unwind and lose myself in the music and not worry about anything.

Jessica said...

It seems like no matter how well you plan a move it never goes smoothly.


Sunny said...

I agree! I started boxing things up early... had it very organized. And then all of a sudden moving day was there and it just turned into chaos :/. Oh well ;).