Saturday, November 13, 2010

♪ concert ♫

So, I attended another concert performed by the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra. They performed Polovtsian Dances, Violin Concerto, and Scheherazade. It was really wonderful. It was also the last concert of a very sweet lady I had the pleasure of meeting in my orchestra. We kinda hit it off. She's such a nice lady. She's moving to England. Anyway, I am honored I got to see her last concert here. AND- she gave me her tenor saxophone and I'll be getting an old flute of hers real soon. The tenor sax I plan on fixing up over time- no rush! I am *deliriously* excited. I have wanted a tenor sax forever! This is an old sax, too. I plan on shining it up, fixing it up, and playing the hell outta it! The flute doesn't work- or of I wanted to repair it, would probably be costly. So- I plan on turning it into a lamp :). My first lamp project! She didn't have it with her, but she'll give it to our friend Aaron who in turn will pass it on to me. Back to the concert- I adore Russia. I feel that in a past life, I had to have lived in Russia. Russian music is so expressive... it can be dark, scary, brutal... .or light and airy. I know that all music can be that way.... but Russian music just sort of emphasizes it. I had a great time and hope to see them perform once again!

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