Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moving Updates

So, we paid our final rent. I was a bit sad to do so. We do like it where we are at. We are settled into a comfortable way of doing things. For the first time, our son recognizes a place as his HOME, and it's this place. I'm trying to help him understand that we're moving. I know he doesn't understand. He sees me putting stuff in boxes, but I'm SURE in his 3 year old mind he isn't concerned with it. Probably thinks it's just another thing that mommy does, lol. I'm betting, though, that when it comes time for toys to be put in boxes, he might start to really wonder. Then... moving day comes- he's probably going to be a bit freaked out.
If anyone is reading this, you might be wondering- "So, have you found a place yet?" Answer: NO. I found a place that was for $525 a month and I was so excited!! A 2b/2ba townhouse out by the mall. BUT they want just over $1k for the deposit. We SOOO can't do that. PLUS- I found out from my landlord that we will get our $500 deposit back from him AFTER we have moved out. At that point, we'll walk through it with him and then hand in the keys and get our money from him. So... yeah. Pretty much have stop signs from all angles and turns!!
Anyway, the in-laws offered the extra bedroom to us, of course. It's not my favorite option, but as it's looking right now- it's our ONLY option. We have no other choice, no money to do anything with moving! But, on the bright side- we can put the $500 away, and add some money to it each month and save up a little bit. And, this is going to sound COMPLETELY selfish.... but it'd be nice to have a breather. We don't do ANYTHING! We don't go anywhere! My grandfather died in June and I couldn't go to the funeral. Maybe we can take a short little weekend trip up to Massachusetts and at least say hi to the relations up there and visit his grave. I would like to venture into leaving my son with a trusted friend and maybe trying to have a date night with Randy. I think we are *seriously* needing some time for US. As much as I used to shrug that notion off, I am very much agreeing with it now.
Ok, so I think that's pretty much it for now. I was on a packing roll and then hit a brick wall. Now, I pack sporadically. I did a little bit earlier. I need to get on that roll again, though. Alright... I'm done talking now!

~Good Night~

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