Saturday, September 18, 2010

Deliriously amazing night

So, if you don't know, Im in the local orchestra here. We have a new conductor, who is purely amazing. He has another orchestra that he is the conductor of, called the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra. I have never been to any of their concerts, and he invited me to come out and see their concert tonight. So, I went and words can't express how much of an incredible time I had! They are a vastly, hugely talented group of musicians. I felt something deep in my soul. I need to get serious about playing my instrument. I need to strive to be THAT good. Anyway, tonight was so frekaing fantastic. I sat next to the cutest, funniest elderly couple who talked my ear off, but in a good way! I had some great conversations with them. I also talked with quite a few other people around me. My friend Aaron, the conductor, is supremely talented; a conducting prodigy, an incredible talent. Watching the relationship between him and the musicians was exciting.... the music was made alive and in your face! I felt dizzy from the pure pleasure of listening to great music and watching great musicians. I honestly didn't want this night, the experience of being there, to end. I am very very much looking forward to the next concert.

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