Friday, September 3, 2010

I lost followers!

Wow! So in the past week I have noticed that 2 people have stopped following me. I mean, I know my blog isn't FANTASTICALLY interesting... but I am working on it. I feel sad now. :(


This Young Mama said...

Oh my goodness Don't feel bad I'm still following! I read your post in my reading and felt so bad! I had you added twice in my reader and I cleaned up my subscriptions this morning ;) Don't worry about the followers people will start reading more as your blog grows :)

angela said...

I'm still here too... I even took the time on my grandparents dial-up connection(it's been like, 10 minutes!!)to let you know! :D

Sunny said...

aww thanks you guys!! Im just throwing myself a pity party lol.... I've been busy with moving so that's why not so many posts lately.... I gotta take a few mins each day to update though :)