Friday, August 27, 2010

What else am I doing, you ask?

I wanted to make a separate post for the lyric journal... I thought I would talk more about it, but I said what I needed to and that seems to be that.
So, anyway... being the craft-OBSESSED person that I am... I have several projects lined up. I am making an atc card this week with the theme of the TV show The Office. It's either going to be an ad for Schrutes Farms Beets or it will be Dwight's ID badge :).
I am also working on toooo many crochet things LOL. The thing I am dedicating my crochet time to is a Spidey'ghan for my son... ... I started it awhile back and I messed up somewhere on it. It curled up at all the points (it's basically like a star'ghan).... well, I was very upset because I had to frog it (unravel) all the way... completely. I put it away for awhile. I started it back up the other week and didnt pay too much attention to it. We have a lot going on here with the inevitable moving day coming up next month.. I'm being industrious and starting the packing now, so it's taking a lot of my time and energy. Anyway, one day I randomly decided to work on it and I got to the point I had reached the first time. I read and re-read the pattern several times... it did NOT make sense! The pattern's author wrote that you have to repeat rounds 7,8, and 9 for the rest of the blanket. But you have to do it in a certain way. Round 7 is a small shell, round 8 is a large shell, and round 9 is large as well BUT it's only done in single crochet and black yarn... Rounds 7 and 8 are done in double crochet and you do a few round sin blue, a few rounds in red. So she wants you to repeat those 3 rounds, but in this way: 1 small shell round, 2 large shell rounds. It didn't and still doesn't make sense to me. I even wrote it out in many different variations trying to find SOME way to make the 1 small, 2 large to work. It is hard because you ALSO have to follow her color list for the rounds. Rounds 10-13 are blue... round 14 is black. I couldn't get it to work with the repeating 7-8-9 and following the 1 small, 2 large rounds. So, I had to re-write the amount of times you do the colors to keep with the repeating 7-8-9. Instead of 10-13 being blue, 10-14 are now blue. This allows for round 10- small, 11-large, 12-large, 13-small, 14-large... round 15 would be the black and it's a large round. So, see? I managed to find a way to keep the 1 small, 2 large. And now my son's Spidey'ghan is coming along *nicely*! I made it farther than I did the first time. I can see how nice it will be :).
Now on top of the Spidey'ghan, The Office atc card, Song Lyric journal, a blue dishcloth swap (crochet/knit a blue colored dishcloth) and an atc of Penny from The Big Bang Theory..... I am going to try to make it to some Farmer's/Flea Markets that are coming up in my area. I want to make a few items to bring.. but I think I will end up with more pictures than actual physical items. I also need to start thinking about my Christmas list. I'm not making big items, but many small things. I have a great idea... at least for all the females on my list. The only big item I will be making is the Seraphina shawl.... ... this shawl is AMAZING! I am making it with Lion Brand Homespun. I hope to get more skeins of Homespun so I can make a few for some people up north... not naming any names in case I show those people my blog and they read this and then know what their gift will be!!! :)
OK I think this blog post is long enough now.... I wil make a post in the evening with my day 3 entry for my song lyric journal, and I will include what the previous 2 day's posts were. I hope to make a point to make a post with what that day's entry will be every evening!
~ Have a great day! ~

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