Saturday, August 21, 2010

Never ending

So, theDVDs have, for the most part, been organized, cataloged, and packed. Now on to the next big(ger) hurdle: my BOOKS. Oh, I do love books. My dream (one of them) when I was little was to have Belle's library from Beauty & the Beast. I thought that was one of the MOST romantic gifts ever! Anyway... my collection is far from as large as that, but it's still a daunting task every time I want to go through it. I'm now exploring the idea of an online library cataloger. Yeah, one like I used for the DVDs (called DVD Profiler). I read a blog post on about online book catalogers. This guy test drove four different sites. I had already seen the first on the list, .... it looks pretty good and I think I'd be willing to pay $10 for a year membership (unlimited amount of books... if you go free, you can only do 200 books). The only pother one that sounded good to the blogger and to myself is So now I need to decide between those two.
But, none of that really matters right now. I'm just going to write all the names & authors of the books down on paper for right now. I expect to have a very sore hand!!

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